Terms and conditions

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Friends Tracker is an independent tool that simply keeps track of your Facebook friends list changes. Your current friends list is analyzed and compared with the previous saved one (if any). In this way you can find who has deleted you from Facebook.

Data Privacy Policy

This data privacy policy informs you of which personal data is being collected by Friends Tracker. It also explains how data is processed and used. The protection of your personal information is important for us. Your data is protected against unauthorized access and loss through the use of various electronic, technical, physical, administrative and contractual measures. Friends Tracker has taken the necessary technical and organizational precautions to ensure that the regulations for data privacy are respected both internally as well as by external service providers.

Collection of data

By using the Sign up feature and allowing the registration for Friends Tracker, you provide us permission to access your basic information (First Name, Last Name, Country, e-mail, Friends Tracker Password) and store them in our database. You provided us also permission to email you at any time at specified email address. Our database is not shared with any third parties.

By using the Search for unfriends feature you give us permission to read your Facebook friends list page and store for an undefined period in our database your Facebook friends data (name, url).

For your information:

  • Only names and profile urls of your Facebook friends are stored on Friends Tracker database. No other data are collected by Friends Tracker.
  • Friends Tracker uses this information only to compare your friends list with the previous one (if any) and to show you if anyone unfriended you.
  • Nobody can have access to your data other than you.
  • Your information are maintained strictly private.
  • Your friends list data will never be shared with third parties or sent to anyone.
  • Friends Tracker tool do not alter or modify your Facebook friends list.
  • Friends Tracker does not collect or store your Facebook login credentials. In fact, we ask you to be previously logged on Facebook before running our tool.
  • You can ask for removal of your data from our server in every moment.

Use of your data

We use your personal data:

  • to provide our services and settle payments
  • to anonymously or pseudonymously adjust our offer to meet our users demands and improve our services
  • to fulfill legal obligations, and in particular, to meet the requirements for preserving data

We also use this information to communicate with you. This includes, in particular, the provision of assistance and support as well as the provision of important contract information. Subject to your consent, we keep you informed about news, events and promotions via e-mail.

Data transfer

We will treat your data with the strictest confidentiality and will not disclose it to any third parties, unless you have given us your express permission to do so. We may however be required by law to disclose your information in certain situations (such as to an investigating authority) where the transfer takes place only within the framework required by legal conventions.

In individual cases, subsidiaries, parent companies or third parties may provide services on our behalf. This mainly concerns the handling of payment transactions by external service providers (PayPal, etc.) and, in the case of default, by a debt collection company.


Right of revocation, deletion of data

Even if you have given us consent to process personal data, you can withdraw this consent at any time.

Friends Tracker deletes your personal data insofar as it is no longer needed or required, or if you have requested the deletion of this data. Please note that data cannot be deleted if there are legal storage requirements or this data is required by us for the billing of our services.


By purchasing the PREMIUM License is granted to the user the use for an unlimited time (without expiry) of Friends Tracker web site and particularly of Search for unfriends feature. We do not offer refunds in any case.


You can contact us at support@fbfriendstracker.com

Enjoy our tool!